In an age when self-discovery is never ending…

I messed up a lot in 2015 and 2014 and 2013. Realizing quickly that I needed to change my life before it changed me. Poor, broken, overweight, but starving for male attention; I started watching ABC’s The Bachelor and experienced a few epiphanies:

  1. The only way to scare a woman into competing for a man is the threat of a rose ceremony.
  2. The only way to find love is on reality TV.
  3. The only way to make positive change in your life is to call it a “journey”.

Self-improvement is a road I’ve taken many times before but it was always fruitless and totally boring.

I turn 30 this year and pretty soon I’ll be too old for reality TV love, unless they bring back Rock of Love (call me). Last year, the world watched as Ben Higgins sifted through a pile of beautiful women to find his one true love. I watched and thought omg I could be one of those 29 women.

Can a regular girl get hot enough to be cast on ABC’s The Bachelor to find love?

Should she?

The point of this blog is to get on ABC’s The Bachelor so that I can discover love.

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^^^This is the original intention of the blog but FYI it’s slowly morphed into something a little different. A lot more of myself is ending up in this confessional blog than I ever internded originally but I’ll promise you one thing: It’s not going to stop me from getting on The DAMN Bachelor.