Welcome to my Journey

This is the excerpt for your very first post.


My whole life I’ve been looking for love and haven’t found it.  My therapist suggested that I look inward but everyone knows the only way to find real love is on television. People fall in love all the time on the show The Bachelor just look at Lace and Grant. When Evan found love and developed as a character on Bachelor in Paradise I knew anything was possible.

However, I’m no idiot. Not just anyone gets cast to find love on The Bachelor. You have to be television hot, television rich, television white, and ready to find love. Could a regular, over weight, nail biting loser diet and exercise enough to win an opportunity to go on a journey to find love?

Now, being an “attractive women” by television standards is incredibly expensive and time consuming. I think all people are attractive, beautiful, and should be celebrated for who they are. The Bachelor really sucks at this and they suck at supporting diversity. Getting The Bachelor to change its contestants to reflect the population instead of just casting beautiful rich white people would be a way more interesting and vital dialog than my campaign.

But. Like.

How much would it take to get your average overweight white girl to look like a Bachelor contestant? 

Will she find love? Will something crazy happen? What if she finds too much love?
This isn’t just a blog about weight loss. THIS IS A JOURNEY. 

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